Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read our answers to the most common questions about buying doors and windows, from the initial consultation to product installation, maintenance, warranty, and after-sale service.

Is there a fee for consulting with an Isothermic advisor?

Absolutely not. You can meet with our team for free, either online or in person at our stores.

How do I prepare for my consultation?

First of all, you don’t need to know all the window and door lingo—that’s why we’re here. The easiest thing to bring with you is pictures of your current windows so that we can get an idea of what you have. Tell us which room each window is located in so that we can steer you to the right product. Tell us what year the house was built so we can get an idea of its wall construction. Finally, if you give us approximate measurements for each door and window that you want to replace, it would help us create a quote. Show us photos of what you like so we can get a sense of your favourite design and styles.

Download our user-friendly guide on how to take preliminary measurements before you meet with your advisor.

Will a professional take measurements at my house?

Yes. If you book our installation service, an Isothermic representative will visit your home to take final measurements. We’ll update our quote based on these measurements.

How long does it generally take for my order to be ready?

We deliver most of our products three weeks after you order them. At certain times of the year, we speed up delivery to 10 days on a wide range of products. Just ask your advisor. They can give you a better idea based on the products you choose and time of year.

Can I have my windows and doors installed in winter?

Yes, absolutely. Our teams of certified installers are trained to do so. How? We remove and replace one window at a time, we create plastic barriers that we move as work progresses, and we keep doors to indoor rooms closed.

Can I buy Isothermic windows and doors without using your installation service?

Yes, absolutely. Some people opt for turnkey service and have us do the installation, while others make different arrangements. Simply mention this during your free consultation or when you request a quote.

What is an Isothermic Certified Installer?

Our Isothermic Certified Installers have completed the latest training on the A-440 national standard, as well as mandatory training on our products and our high expectations. They are required to participate in continuing training, score 100% in our training program, and submit to surprise inspections. Our certified installers are more than just skilled—they are passionate about doors and windows and will install your new Isothermic doors and windows with great care.

What do I need to do the day before the team of certified installers arrives?

Since installation sometimes starts early in the morning, here’s what to do the day before we come to your home:

  • Make room so our teams can move freely indoors and out.
  • Remove blinds and curtains.
  • Move fragile or valuable items out of the workspace so installers don’t damage them while working.

What should I do on installation day?

It’s the big day. Be at home and have someone look after your pet, if necessary, so they don’t slip away in all the hubbub. There are a few other important steps you can review in the handout your advisor gave you when you bought your windows and doors.

How do I prepare for winter?

We recommend that you remove and store your insect screens, especially if snow may build up in them.

What can I do year-round to maintain my windows and doors?

At the time of purchase, you were given a guide that summarizes everything you need to know for optimal maintenance of your doors and windows. You’ll find this guide below, as well as a short list so you can add reminders to your calendar.

Once a year Twice a year

Remove and store insect screens before winter sets in.

Clean the glass, frames, and sashes.

Inspect caulking.

Clean and lubricate mechanisms and hardware.

Clean insect screens.

Maintain steel doors and patio doors.

Who do I contact for questions related to Isothermic product servicing, repair, or warranty questions?

Customers highly value Isothermic’s SAV+ after-sales service, because it’s efficient. Email, or visit the the after-sales service page for more information.

What is the warranty on Isothermic windows and doors?

Isothermic has been designing and manufacturing doors and windows for over 40 years. Our expertise is your guarantee of quality, reliability, and peace of mind. Our doors and windows are guaranteed for life, for a no-regrets experience.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We work with Financeit, which is very popular with our customers. You can get your loan pre-approved in seconds. Financeit offers flexible financing with up to 240 monthly payments. See the Financing section for more information.