Jessica and Yann’s house

Jessica bought her childhood home with her husband Yann. They then started renovating, gradually updating everything and adding personal touches to turn this house into a happy home for their little family. Isothermic soon entered the picture. Find out how we helped transform the family home into a welcoming, modern residence.

A smart investment

When they bought the house, Jessica and Yann soon realized that they’d need to replace the windows. The house sits atop a knoll in a particularly windy location, so they had a lot of drafts. They had no choice but to choose good windows! Jessica and Yann took our team’s advice and went with triple-glazed windows, particularly on the front of the house for maximum insulation.

Isothermic’s sound advice and exceptional value made our decision easy. And the great after-sales service we received just proves that we made the right choice! - Jessica and Yann, homeowners
Une grande porte-patio noire en PVC

A large black PVC patio door was installed on the side of the house during the renovation.

Photo credit: Caroline Jacques

A modern new lease on life

In addition to double-glazed windows, our team also updated the house by installing a black Imagine patio door made entirely of PVC.

This sturdy, stylish door features a solid structure, welded PVC sashes, and a durable frame that is easy to maintain. It’s an ideal choice for improving your home’s energy efficiency, both for today and for years to come.

Follow Jessica and Yann’s lead—call our team for doors and windows that meet your every need.

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