Isothermic Certified Installer Program

We believe that manufacturing and installation are inextricably linked: we can produce the finest windows to the highest possible standards, but their quality will never shine through unless they’re properly installed. That’s why we developed our Certified Installer Program, and it’s one of the only of its kind in the industry.

For installations that live up to your expectations

Installation certifiée

What’s the goal of this program?

The program is designed to provide our customers with the best possible experience and ensure that our products perform for many years to come. That way, not only do you benefit from the superior quality of our CAA-Quebec–approved products, you also get the added peace of mind that comes from certified installation service.

Certified installer

What does certification involve?

The contractors in our Certified Installer program have all been selected and approved by Isothermic. They have completed the latest training on the A-440 national standard (which governs installation and replacement procedures for windows and doors), as well as mandatory training on our products and our high expectations.

Certified installers must meet four quality criteria to maintain their certification:

  • Participate in the Isothermic continuing training program
  • Score 100% in our training program
  • Submit to surprise inspections
  • Maintain customer satisfaction scores of 95% or higher
We know that your investment in new doors and windows is important to your family. We put the same amount care into installing them in your home as we would in our own. Thank you for opening your door to us! —Jimmy Lefebvre, National Manager, Installation Program