Isothermic: Trusted Manufacturer

In 2021, Protégez-vous magazine conducted a customer satisfaction survey in which it assessed 18 window manufacturers in Quebec. Isothermic is proud to be at the top of this list, and to be recommended by CAA-Quebec for many years running!

CAA-Quebec Approved Residential Supplier

photo d'un salon avec logo CAA au premier plan

Guaranteed quality and peace of mind

Isothermic has been part of CAA-Quebec’s Approved Residential Supplier network for years.

CAA-Quebec assessment criteria:

Credibility and skills

  • Number of years in business
  • Mandatory permits and licences
  • Professional affiliations
  • Complaint checks


  • Survey of hundreds of customers randomly selected by CAA-Quebec: work quality, customer service, courtesy, etc.


  • Listed on the Registre des entreprises du Québec
  • Tax numbers
  • General liability insurance


  • Company financial health check