Feeling good about your work is essential. We conducted a confidential survey of our employees to ask them why they chose Isothermic and what motivates them to continue their careers with us.

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What do you like about working at Isothermic?

  1. It’s a second family, a place where you feel good about your work
  2. Teamwork and support from colleagues
  3. Compassionate, accessible management that cares about our well-being
  4. Vision geared toward growth and improvement
  5. Competitive salaries and great benefits
  6. Pleasant, clean, safe factories
  7. Career advancement opportunities for those who want them
  8. Isothermic’s reputation and pride in our products
  9. Managers recognize your work
  10. Family-friendly: flexible scheduling, access to medical care, gifts for children

Our values

At Isothermic, the values we have in common shape our daily lives.

  • A job well done, the products we make, our spaces, our company
  • Being company ambassadors
  • Contributing to Isothermic’s success
  • Taking part in the business mission
  • Taking pride in belonging to the Isothermic family
  • Doing the job with precision and care
  • Meeting commitments and deadlines
  • Clean work environments
  • Following protocols and processes to the letter
  • A mindset that encompasses health, safety, and quality in all we do, regardless of our role
  • Seeing the positive in any situation
  • Being in a good mood and smiling
  • Focusing on finding solutions rather than analyzing the problem
  • Showing camaraderie, support, and loyalty to the team
  • The team’s strength: we care for ourselves and each other
  • Inclusion and diversity, philanthropy, social mission
  • Being open to sharing any ideas that may help the team, the company, and customers to thrive and prosper
  • Pooling our resources to resolve situations
  • Doing things differently if we need to

Can you picture yourself in this sweater?

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Want to build a career at Isothermic?

Our Careers section is the place to go for our latest opportunities. Feel free to send us your resume as well. No resume? No problem. Text our HR team at 418-281-2394. We look forward to meeting you!