Our story


Isothermic was founded more than 40 years ago. Since then, we have earned a reputation for outstanding service and solid, reliable products that often exceed required standards. Isothermic was acquired by David Aubert in April 2022. After a distinguished career of more than 20 years in marketing and corporate strategy, David could no longer resist the call to get back to his roots. The Aubert family’s expertise and passion for all things windows and doors stems from a commitment to quality and innovation that goes back three generations. From a company that started with just five employees to one with over 250 in its factory and stores across Quebec today, the Isothermic story is still being written. Thank you to all our customers, partners, and employees for writing this story with us.

1982Isothermic opens its doors
1995Isothermic builds a window factory
1998Isothermic builds a steel door factory
2005The window factory expands
2007Victoriaville store opens
2009Drummondville store opens
2010Sherbrooke store opens
2015Saint-Georges store opens
2016Sainte-Julie store opens
2019Isothermic becomes a CAA-Quebec Approved Residential Supplier
2023Sherbrooke store relocates to a bigger space (22,000 sq. ft. larger) and makes major investments in equipment and digital transformation, Lévis store opens