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Energy Star Certifications

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Energy efficiency by excellence

Our products provide energy efficiency and savings while helping protect the environment.

Isothermic Doors & Windows products are labelled Energy Star.

Energy Star is the internationally recognised energy efficiency label.

By conforming to this norm, Isothermic Doors & Windows offers superior standards of quality. Doors and windows that are Energy Star labelled allow you to reduce your energy costs by up to 12 percent.

How do we meet the Energy Star requirements?

To be labelled Energy Star, a product must meet the energy efficiency standard that has been established for four climate zones in Canada. Zone A is for the mildest area and Zone D, the coldest.

The four climate zones have been divided with the help of heating degree-days (a measure of the average annual temperature).

The levels of performance measure how windows and doors will shield from the cold or how they will use the sunrays as an advantage to the heating system of a building.

The more zones the product is efficient to, the better performing it will be.

How to choose wisely your windows and doors?

All you need is to look for Energy Star labelled products. The label will also inform you on the proper zones where the product is efficient. Make sure that your purchase is convenient to your zone!

Climat Zone

Isothermic Doors & Windows labels her products with Energy Star, enabling you to recognise the best in their category where energy performance is concerned.


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Printed on : November 29, 2020